Auto Detailing in Toronto

“Your vehicle needs care too”

AV Otto brings you the highest quality auto detailing in Toronto that adds an amazing look to your vehicle. When you bring your vehicle to us, we take care of all the hard work for you. From an outside hand wash to a full car detailing service package that includes engine shampoo, wax polish, paint sealant applications and minor touch-ups.

Our package includes rim and tire cleaning, window shining, interior vacuuming, and a wipe down. Alternatively, you can opt for protective packages in combination with our car detailing services.

Auto detailing takes a lot of time, so we have an appointment scheduling app on our website for your convenience. Choose and schedule the time that fits you and let us give you the best auto detailing in Toronto. It’ll speak for itself.

Interior/Exterior Detailing

AV Otto provides a full interior/exterior auto detailing service that makes your car shine just like new. The exterior detailing includes the restoration of glossy shine to the vehicle’s paint, rim, windows, wheels, and tires, along with other visible exterior components.

We use various tools and techniques to bring you the best auto detailing in Toronto. We only use quality material like waxes, biodegradable detergents, detail clays, and a variety of polishes and buffers. The interior detailing includes a deep cleaning of all the fabrics, leather, and vinyl and glass surfaces to achieve a smooth feel inside.

We give interior car detailing services using a variety of powerful cleaners, shampoos, and compressed air that removes dirt and contamination from the fabric. All our environmentally-friendly solutions ensure maximum results with minimum effort.

We provide valet services to those who are unable to come to us. Our representative will take your vehicle from your home and drop it off after service at the agreed-upon time.