Ceramic Coating

“Coating that keeps your vehicle fresh.”

AV Otto provides the best service for a ceramic coating that adds another layer of protection on your vehicle’s paint. It protects the paint and keeps it looking brand-new and fresh with minimal effort. Ceramic coating has a hydrophobic capability that repels any contamination and makes it easy to clean.

Ceramic coating is a transparent layer that acts as a second layer onto your vehicle’s clear coat. The coating does not allow dirt, snow, water, or even bird droppings to stick to your paint. Your car is vulnerable to outside environmental contamination as you take it out daily. You can protect it with the best ceramic coating service in Toronto, Canada. Your vehicle’s paint gets damaged from naturally-occurring harsh chemicals that stick to your paint and cause damage over time.

Fortunately for you, our ceramic coating does not allow anything to stick to the paint, acting as a shield, thereby allowing you to clear the contamination easily.

Detailing Made Easy

Ceramic coating has hydrophobic properties, which means no liquid stays on it and instead, slides off. Any other contamination, such as dirt or mud, will have a challenging time bonding with the paint. The material we use for our ceramic coating services in Toronto city not only gives you high-quality protection but also makes detailing easy as contaminations slide right off.

Enhance Your Shine

Adding the best ceramic coating not only gives protection to your vehicle but also adds a layer of shine to the overall appearance. Nobody likes to have a dull-looking car; add our ceramic coating to help your paint pop with an extra shine that you’re longing for.

We guarantee that after its application, your vehicle will have a striking new shine to it, while making it easy to clean.