Paint Correction

“Polishing with perfection.”

Paint correction specialists need a high degree of skill and experience to perform, and AV Otto prides itself on having such expertise. The correction process requires precise machine polishing or buffing to remove micro-scratches and swirls due to constant exposure to the environment. Paint correction involves removing the top layer of the vehicle’s paint, about 1-3 microns’ worth, to achieve the correction and high gloss.

AV Otto uses a high-quality paint correction and car polishing materials to produce a superior paint correction quality in Toronto. Our skilled technicians make sure that your vehicle looks just as shiny and polished as it was on the day of the first drive.

Paint Correction Process

  • The first step our specialists take is to assess how much paint is left on the vehicle. Keeping a balance between the amount of paint correction needed, and a clear coat left on the vehicle is essential.
  • The second step is to determine which pad, polish, and machine combination our paint correction specialists need to use to get the maximum defect removal.
  • The final step is to check the work done with bright lights to determine whether the paint correction is even on all sides or not.

After-Correction Addition

You can protect your car after paint correction by making after-correction additions like wax car polishing, ceramic coating, or paint protection film coating. Vehicles owners who want hassle-free, long-term protection usually use a combination of these after using our paint correction services in Toronto.

We aim to give the best service to our clients, and for that purpose, we have the best paint correction specialist team available at your disposal. For first-time customers, we offer a 15% discount for interior or exterior detailing service. We encourage all our valued car enthusiasts and hobbyists to benefit from our services and give their vehicles a brand-new look.